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Now that the deadline for choosing your option has passed, some of these questions are not relevant any more. But many of the others could still be useful, so we have left them all available to read. For each question, we’ve tried to give you an answer that will help most members choose between the new scheme and the Pension Protection Fund. To do that, we’ve left out some details and technical information that we felt wouldn’t be helpful. And we’ve given an answer that should be right for most members, but might not be right for you. This means that some of the answers are quite general, and some will not apply in certain situations.

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17 January 2018

Your benefits under the current British Steel Pension Scheme are governed by its trust deed and rules. If you switch to the New British Steel Pension Scheme, your benefits will be governed by its trust deed and rules. If you move to the Pension Protection Fund, your benefits will be governed by the law that relates to the PPF. Your personal information pack and this website only summarise the main information about choosing your option.